Double Crux Helper

This is a helper for pairing off respondents with maximally-different views on at least one question.

To use:

  1. Make a Google Form with the first question being a "Name" field, and all other questions being 1-7 Likert scales asking how much they agree/disagree with a particular statement. You can find an example Google form here.
  2. Create a response spreadsheet for the Google Form responses, by clicking Responses and then the green spreadsheet button near the top right.
  3. After respondents have answered, download the results as a CSV from the Google Sheet. (File -> Download -> .csv)
    The first row should look like this: "Timestamp,Name,'Your first question','Your second question',..." etc.
  4. Copy and paste the CSV into the box below, then click Give Me Pairs!

Your pair results will appear below:

Contact maia on LessWrong with questions, comments, bug reports, etc.