My Steven Universe Season 1 Watch Guide

This watch guide is intended for anyone who wants to keep up with the plot and most exciting parts of Steven Universe, while skipping the silly/fluff parts near the beginning. If you enjoy the fluff, this probably isn't for you.

The episode numbering is weird on a number of services because the episodes are so short (11 minutes) and they get combined into two-part 22-minute episodes. So I've given the episodes you should watch by name; double-check the episode name when you're watching them.

There are 25 key episodes to watch, which I've double-starred (**) and put in bold. Those episodes should total about 4.5 hours.

The 25 double-starred episodes are the bare minimum "get all the plot points" episodes. If you enjoy the show, I recommend going back and watching the single-starred ones too, of which there are 10; they add valuable character development and depth. Or if you have an extra couple hours, watch them upfront with the rest.

After Season 1, if you like the show, I'd recommend watching all the episodes in Season 2 and beyond.

  1. **Gem Glow
  2. **Laser Light Cannon
  3. Cheeseburger Backpack
  4. Together Breakfast
  5. Frybo
  6. Cat Fingers
  7. **Bubble Buddies
  8. Serious Steven
  9. Tiger Millionaire
  10. **Steven's Lion
  11. Arcade Mania
  12. **Giant Woman
  13. So Many Birthdays
  14. *Lars and the Cool Kids
  15. Onion Trade
  16. **Steven the Sword Fighter
  17. **Lion 2: The Movie
  18. *Beach Party
  19. **Rose's Room
  20. **Coach Steven
  21. Joking Victim
  22. Steven and the Stevens
  23. **Monster Buddies
  24. **An Indirect Kiss
  25. **Mirror Gem (1/2)
  26. **Ocean Gem (2/2)
  27. *House Guest
  28. *Space Race
  29. Secret Team
  30. *Island Adventure
  31. **Keep Beach City Weird
  32. *Fusion Cuisine
  33. Garnet's Universe
  34. Watermelon Steven
  35. **Lion 3: Straight to Video
  36. **Warp Tour
  37. **Alone Together
  38. The Test
  39. **Future Vision
  40. **On the Run
  41. Horror Club
  42. *Maximum Capacity
  43. **Marble Madness
  44. **Rose's Scabbard
  45. *Open Book
  46. *Shirt Club
  47. **Story for Steven
  48. **The Message
  49. *Political Power
  50. **The Return (1/2)
  51. **Jailbreak (2/2)